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Discussion in 'Bad Supplier Experiences' started by conjakk, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. conjakk


    Nov 26, 2005
    Ordered ipods from this company with the garantee that when they recieved the payment receipt from me they would send the ipods. He did not. Then i immediately tried to get the money back but it was to late. One day after i had done the transfer???? Banks today??Sitiluks Ou dont answer the phone or Alibaba. I can see he is online but he dont anwer me. He answered one mail after i informed that i had talked to his bank. The mail is under....
    The funny thing is that i have all the information about the company. Adress, bank details, name of the owner. Benny Zoorani. I even know where he lived in Sweden. So the name is authentic:

    Benny zoorani (amadeus_27@yahoo.com)
    gamlaupsalagatan 13B
    uppsala, 75334

    Here are the details i got from him.

    You can send your payment to:
    Account holders name as following.
    Account holders Name: Benny Bahram Zoorani Gholamy
    Account NR = 221025086655
    IBAN-Nr= EE822200221025086655
    Bank name = HansaBank
    Bank address= Liivalaia 8 - 15040 -tallinn- Estonia
    Tel nr to account holder= +372-5241747
    Tel nr to bank= +372-6310310 Fax - +372-6310410

    Our company Info is: Sitiluks Computers
    Registration Office : Estonia
    Contact phone nr: 00372-5241747
    Registration No. 9011521988EE
    Webshop: *******************

    Ordering and contact: **********************

    When i asked for a refund of the money after i said i have talked to his bank i recieved this:


    If you want refound of your money, we need to recive your refound request by reg-post in hand writing in order to forward this request to our ordering and accounting management to see if they can cancel your order and refound , but in any refound cases you will have to pay administration fees and charges ,plus refound back payment charges for any orders, if you still want to apply for a refound request ,then reply and I will give you the address for such refound mail to be send.


    The funny thing is that many companies have contacted me wondering if i know this campany. My answer is
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Not open for further replies.
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