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XiaMen Yi Yu Furniture CO., Ltd, Mr. biao huang

Discussion in 'Bad Supplier Experiences' started by baddawg83, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. baddawg83


    Sep 22, 2008
    I sent money to a person in china that ended up being a scam so I want to make his name and Company(or supposed company) known to anyone in the free world and hope that no one ever goes the this SOB to lose their money like I did. I want to also post His contact Info that he gave me to trans fer a wire to his account. It is as follows:

    He is a tradekey GOLDKEY MEMBER. This is his link follows...http://www.tradekey.com/selloffer_view/id/2238394.htm

    His company is......XiaMen Yi Yu Furniture CO., Ltd He also list it as YiYu.

    His English name is Jon or John. All suppliers use English names to fit in.

    His hotmail utilized another company's name.....brandsupplier.biz@hotmail.com. Same as his MSN Id. Once he accepts you his name goes as supplier in your lists.

    His name is Mr. biao huang....he also uses XINGBIAO HUANG.

    He used the website......http://www.well-supply.com .In which I found out later that it wasn't even his site.

    I went to this guy to confront him and all he did was to tell me lies.....like someone stole his info an put it up. But the emails that were sent to me by him was so much alike it was rediculas.

    Here is the place that I sent the money to....Bank Of china: (T/T)

    BEN 'S ACCOUNT :4039802 0188 093815 0

    Here is the other pay information that he gave to me......Western Union:
    First name: XINGBIAO
    Second name:HUANG

    Money Gram:
    First name: XINGBIAO
    Second name:HUANG

    He also gave a fake tracking number.

    All of his telephone numbers are out of order. Which I never tried them for I can not talk Chinese. But I was told by another Supplier that you can call these number and that they do speak a little english. So please try that first to make sure that the phone numbers do work.

    I tell you that I only lost a little bit of money but I don't want these scammers to get anymore money out of anyone. So I tried to list all information about this person that I could so that when anyone does a search on them they will get information telling them that thay ARE SCAMMERS.

    So anyone that is new to buying from China please do your research well. Do not go on a good feeling because that takes you to lose money. Make sure that you do the research.

    Good luck to all
  2. cbeebies


    Dec 14, 2007
    I am sorry to hear your story. But if you've done a little due diligence on this supplier, you will find immediately that he's a scammer. There is no valid contact info and company introduction on their website, which established on Jun.29,2008.

    And how could a furniture company supply you some brand named electronic or shoes products?

    Your greedy bites yourself--I am sorry to say that.

    The only way to stop this scammer or maybe get your money back is to report this scammer to Shanghai police station. You may call: +86-21-110, or go to your local Chinese embassy to report the case.

    Hope everyone can learn from this lesson.
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