News Yes River Island, get in there. River Island to launch 5 new stores in 2018

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    Feb 17, 2016
    (Image courtesy of Retail Gazette).

    River Island has taken one look at the current state of the retail sector and high street and just laughed right in its face, almost as if it's giving it the middle finger. And quite rightly so.

    The fashion retail store is to be launching 5 brand new flagship stores throughout the UK this year alone, which will most certainly put a good spring back into the retailer sectors step.

    The new stores are all part of a bigger development across the board, where utilising the best locations, and adapting to the current changes and trends in this society will certainly show that retail is quite dead just yet.

    The first store opened up was in Leeds within the Landsec's White Rose shopping centre, and is an impressive 26,000 sq ft, offering an even larger range of both men's, women's and children's wear departments. On top of this the fashion retailers is also making use of a new in-store DJ strategy allowing DJs to play live gigs.

    Maybe you can finally get away with dancing whilst trying on those new clothes you're going to buy.

    Frances Baker, property director at River Island said in a statement: 'We’re keen to continue to innovate the in-store experience we provide, and the success we’ve had at White Rose made it a perfect candidate for us to expand and showcase our latest products and in-store concepts to our customers.'
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