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Yongkang Youngho

Discussion in 'Bad Supplier Experiences' started by kalle, May 28, 2011.

  1. kalle


    May 28, 2011
    Be careful of doing business with a Chinese Manufacturer called Yongkang Youngho (******************************). I have bought Resistance bands from them and I regret that.

    They are listed on Alibaba and have good reviews. I will tell you later how they got that.

    Before the purchase the lady from customer service called Alina was very friendly and answered my questions very quickly. They had 90 days of warranty, in case any items are defect they would replace it.

    When I received my package(containing 50 sets), 1 set was missing and several items were defect. I had at that time not released the funds from Escrow yet. When contacting Alina, she first wanted to send the spare parts on my next order. Since this is my first order, I don't know if there will be another order or not. I wanted my spare parts no matter what, it was my right. There is no where in the terms that says they will only send the spare parts on the next order. Finally she agreed to send them.

    Two weeks went by and still no package. I reminded her that I still have not released the funds and written my review yet. Very quickly I received a reply saying that she is on a business trip and will send the package as soon as she comes back. So I released the funds(BIG MISTAKE).

    One month went by and no package. During the next month I sent several emails and received no reply. Finally I decided to contact her on the chat on Alibaba.

    First she seemed friendly but after I explained who I was, she totally ignored me. It wasn't until I said I will tell other people about this on this forum that she replied and said that I have to pay she shipping cost. Now they change the rules, first they agreed to send me the package and now after a lot of hassle they want me to pay the shipping cost. When I refused, she ignored me again.

    The reason they get good reviews(on Alibaba) is that she is friendly before you buy and also after the purchase as long as there is no problem. If there is any problem she will delay the solution until you release the funds. After releasing the funds you have a limited of time to give review. After that they don't care about you.

    If you buy from them you can only expect to receive spare parts on the next order, which means if you don't make another order you will not receive the spare parts.
    When you finally discover their tricks, it's already to late to change your review. That is how they manage to get good reviews.

    In Europe, doing business with Chinese companies is considered risky and a lot of people have encountered scams. I'm a Chinese myself, living in Europe. I really get upset when this happens because it's companies like Yongkan Yongho that gives a bad name to China and the Chinese people.
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