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ZheJiang ZheTai Power Supply Co., Ltd. SCAM

Discussion in 'Bad Supplier Experiences' started by chinascam, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. chinascam

    chinascam Banned Member

    Sep 27, 2011
    Firstly I have done international trade
    I recently dealt with a made-in-china supplier ZheJiang ZheTai Power Supply Co., Ltd. scam

    The contact for ZheJiang ZheTai Power Supply Co., Ltd. offered a price that seemed reasonable

    Their were quite a few discrepancies in their offer, handling of order and delivery
    In short
    B/L was offered 30% complete payment of receiving goods to port required.
    Note: Thats when emails stopped with any signature or reference to company and emails were not answered through made-in-china.

    Then 100% payment was requested cannot send B/L
    No performer/ invoice received ( lucky kept to small amount )
    Insurance was requested and advised they will be doing insurance
    Advised I can have insurance if require then changed to they will do insurance
    Requested insurance and received no answer
    Requested CIF and no answer
    Advised supplier to send by courier and told that order will be delivered by courier to port required
    Waiting to confirm delivery details and invoice for payment
    Supplier keeps changing shipping details
    Supplier keeps changing total amount
    Supplier keeps changing ports
    Still waiting for performer
    Still waiting for invoice for payment
    Supplier advises no insurance again
    Supplier says couriers cannot deliver to a "main" asian port or city from "Ningbo"
    Supplier says will send B/L knowing that goods are to be sent by courier
    Supplier advised numerous times the receiver/consignee
    Still waiting for payment invoice
    Supplier says goods are ready
    Supplier then says can send to port requested sends by B/L instead of courier
    Still waiting for invoice for payment
    10 days after was said to be shipped (20 days after I already had written money off)
    supplier sends B/L with wrong consignee and wrong details (not even same country)
    Arrives to main Asian port ( where couriers in China or Ningbo cannot deliver )
    Frantic emails from supplier saying goods cannot clear port because consignee cannot be contacted goods have to be sent back.
    Notify party received call and no receipts because sent to wrong email address given by supplier
    Supplier now can email every 2 mins for a consignee saying need to clear customs you not get goods other remarks photo taken of goods supplied boxes have different colours as per previous emails and lastly you should know international trade
    Etc Etc ( never when requiring insurance courier payment invoice or shipping details
    NOTE: Never heard from Sam from ZheJiang ZheTai Power Supply Co., Ltd.
    Things to note:
    Still waiting for performer / payment invoice
    Still waiting for reply emails from Sam from ZheJiang ZheTai Power Supply Co., Ltd.
    ( shipper, docks at main asian port and made-in-china)
    Waiting to hear back from made-in-china regarding complaint given
    I will update when received
    Important: Never do business with someone that does not have signature or company details on email.
    For starters to buying from China. If doing SCAMS they do not place their signature or company name on emails
    Warning this supplier is a scam and speaks selective english

    Most important always send a box of laxatives with your payment

    I am sure their are many people have good dealings with made-in-china
    and a gold supplier is very easy to acquire
    this is a B2B like many others
    Suggest only buying from checked supplier from this site and most are small companies
    which try their best not to/to become checked suppliers.

    Comments from others
  2. chinascam

    chinascam Banned Member

    Sep 27, 2011
    Answer is after leaving goods No Speak English
    Waiting for another reply from MADE-IN-CHINA
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